Stressed over Shakespeare or any other topics? Boldtutor can help. Hourly rates start from $50 for online tutoring and $60 for a private tutor session in Sydney.


Learn English Language

Speaking, writing and reading English can be hard. Learn English with a private tutor today in Sydney with rates from $60 and $45 for online tutoring.



Boldtutor takes the stress out of university study - helping you finish your assignments and units. Rates start from $70.


Society & Culture

Stuck on the Personal Interest Project? As your private tutor, I will help you master the Society and Culture HSC course. Rates starting from $60 per hour via Zoom.


Modern History

Understanding the Modern History syllabus can be difficult. Book a private tutor session today and ace the Modern History HSC course. Rates from $160 for two hour session and $50 for online tutoring.


Snapshots of Success

The Boldtutor snapshots of success gallery continues to grow, whether it’s English tutoring, University tuition or another subject.

These are samples of the great results my Sydney tutor service can help clients achieve for high school, year 12 HSC and university clients.

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Why Boldtutor?

About 80,000 Australian students get tutoring
High school students may feel increased distress during yr 12 hsc
70% of university students are distressed with university study
65% of high school students worry they will get poor grades



  • HSC essay writing
  • HSC assignment help
  • HSC exam preparation
  • Yr K-10 English
  • English Extension


  • Assignment help
  • Money back guarantee
  • Essay assistance
  • Philosophy/sociology
  • Journalism
  • Bachelor of Arts/other courses

Society & Culture

  • PIP
  • HSC exam preparation
  • Social Theory
  • Research Methodologies
  • Depth Studies

Modern History

  • Source analysis
  • Modern History HSC essay writing
  • HSC exam preparation
  • History yr 7-10
  • Assignment help

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