High School English

Essentially, high school English is compulsory and demanding for many students starting their high school journey. This is because students are taught to understand more complex texts.

Secondly, high school students in years 7-11 are also tasked with completing tasks such as essay writing, multimodal presentations, speeches and creative writing.

With my Boldtutor service however, I offer dedicated English private tutor guidance to help develop the skills and understanding your child needs to ace the English syllabus, NAPLAN and prepare for the English HSC course.

Furthermore, booking with Boldtutor also helps me support a great cause – Four Paws Animal Welfare charity.

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What I offer


In essence, many high school students still have major problems with spelling, writing and comprehension. Thankfully, as your high school tutor , I will provide your child with the support, resources and guidance required to help them improve their chances of succeeding in NAPLAN.


High school English is where students begin studying poetry and complex composers like William Shakespeare. Basically, many students find such study difficult. However, My Boldtutor tutoring service will help your child improve their ability to understand such texts and composers through one-on-one tuition.

Essay writing

High school English is where your child really begins learning how to write essay responses. Hence, whether it’s STEEL or PEEL templates, I will provide the private tutor service that will help your child improve their ability to write a response to any question.

Online tutoring

Despite being based in Sydney, I also offer private online tutoring for students based in other areas of NSW via Skype. Contact me for more information.

High School English Tutor Sydney

Why Use A High School English Tutor in Sydney?

The school syllabus is presented according to a time schedule and is paced for the average students’ learning ability. At Boldtutor, I cover a vast number of English studies in a variety of fields. Whatever your requirements, I help with studying, writing and understanding English literature such as 1984 by George Orwell. We will cover topics such as journalism, essay writing and HSC exam preparation. Not only am I proud to offer outstanding services but hiring an English language tutor will help support a great cause – Four Paws Animal Welfare charity. This is how we learn together and give back together.

Each new module builds on what was learned in the previous modules. Sometimes a student does not entirely grasp the subject matter when presented, which unfortunately results in future poor academic performance. By engaging a high school English tutor in Sydney, all the necessary foundation work is reviewed under guidance, and then learned and mastered.

The Importance Of An Advanced English Tutor

A good education is an investment in the future, and the key to the door is a solid understanding of English. English is the primary language in Australia and the Commonwealth and is understood by a large percentage of the world population. Possessing a command of the English language is essential in our country and for citizenship of the global village. The study of language teaches comprehension, eloquence, and critical thinking, all of which are required for success in life.

Some of the benefits of working hard in English include:

  • Good school grades are more important than most people realise. It is a requirement for acceptance at universities, often where previously attained degrees are ignored when applying at a different university. Bad grades will dog you for life.
  • Language skills are essential at all levels of business, especially in the corporate world where every email is potentially a reflection of the standards set by the company and bad grammar infers a lack of quality control in their products. As companies increasingly become frustrated with the lack of essential skills possessed by candidate employees, more importance will be placed on applicants who can read and write with comprehension. These employees will learn new jobs easier and faster.
  • Language is the carrier of culture, and without culture, we cease to exist as people. A comprehensive understanding and respect for language and literature fosters an understanding and respect for one’s own culture and for the culture of other people, which is vital in today’s global economy.

Engaging the services of English tutors in Sydney is an excellent option for both creating a foundation and honing necessary language skills, which will always reap benefits in the future.

Things You Can Learn From A Private English Tutor in Sydney

The school curriculum for English is presented as three strands, namely language, literacy, and literature. Understanding all three strands is essential for academic success and therefore forms the basis of the schooling offered to students. In broad terms, this study encompasses:

  • Language. The objective is to understand Standard Australian English in terms of its roots and heritage, cultural bias, and most importantly, the correct spelling of both common and jargon words. Students must learn the value and function of language in society. The expansion of individual vocabulary is taught.
  • Literacy. The comprehension of written and spoken language, usable as effective presentation of ideas in verbal and written form is the desired outcome. Students must display the ability to verbalise their understanding of written instructions and narratives and vice versa. Spelling and vocabulary are again essential aspects.
  • Literature. The study of language in written form by way of the selected texts from different eras and cultures. The objective is to learn how cultural values differ and change over time and how they are similar and remain constant or have again become applicable to modern society. Classical and contemporary texts are studied.

The educational institutions evaluate students’ abilities and understanding of the three topics through assignments and examinations. The effectiveness of English tutors has been proven time and time again, which is why even students who have little difficulty with their school work can benefit from sessions with home tutors in Sydney.

What You Can Expect from Boldtutor Regarding English Tutoring in Sydney

Once the need for an English tutor in Sydney has been established, it becomes necessary to engage a suitable person for the task of additional instruction. At Boldtutor, I offer clients and students the following benefits:

  • All the tutoring is done one-on-one at the client’s preferred location in Sydney, usually at the student’s home, or online via Skype or Zoom. I provide after-hours feedback on major assignments and projects and help with assessments at university level.
  • Each tutorial program is individually tailored to focus on the specific areas where help is needed for attaining top marks. Subjects include creative writing, literature in general or specific titles, multi-modal presentations, and society and culture. The duration of each session is one hour or longer, depending on personal requirements and the level of tutelage.
  • Thorough instruction and help are given to pass the National Assessment Program: Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) and attain the English Higher School Certificate (HSC). I pride myself on the high marks obtained by my students.

About Boldtutor

Boldtutor was founded in 2016 with the purpose of assisting students, from kindergarten to year twelve, university and beyond, achieve the best possible grades through personalised, one-on-one tutorial sessions. Contact us for a personal consultation to evaluate the specific areas where the student needs English tutelage.

Topics covered

Here are just some of the high school English texts that we have covered with students:

  • The Handmaid’s Tale
  • Macbeth
  • Othello
  • The Penelopiad
  • Romeo and Juliet
  • Frankenstein
  • The Giver
  • The Book Thief
  • To Kill a Mockingbird
  • The Great Gatsby
  • Jasper Jones
  • Julius Caesar
  • Truman Show
  • Animal Farm
  • Of Mice and Men
  • Indigenous Australian poetry
  • The Fiftieth Gate
  • W.H. Auden poetry
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Why Boldtutor?

Boldtutor provides the following english tutoring service:

  • Private tutor starting from 1 hour sessions
  • Tutoring at your desired location and online tutoring
  • No lock-in school term payment
  • Email or Whatsapp contact if your child needs feedback after session
  • Exclusive English resources

Additionally, check out my samples of success gallery on the homepage to see the results I can acquire for high school students