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Foremost, the English Advanced, English Standard and English Extension syllabus requires complete dedication from HSC students.

This is because the year 12 HSC course demands students to study and be assessed on their understanding of complex literature from composers such as T.S Eliot and William Shakespeare.

In addition, students are tasked to write an essay to complex questions, develop multimodal presentations, speeches and produce strong craft of writing material.

Lastly, year 12 HSC students face increased stress as they strive for a high ATAR when completing the final two challenges: the HSC trials and HSC English exam.

Thus, using my private tutor services, students can go a long way to acing a challenging but ultimately rewarding period of their high school journey.

Furthermore, booking with Boldtutor also helps me support a great cause – Four Paws Animal Welfare charity.

How Boldtutor can help

I understand that even year 12 students still wonder how to write an essay among other things. That is why I offer…

  • Private tutor starting from 90 minute sessions
  • English tutoring at your desired location and online tutoring
  • Assignment help
  • No lock-in school term payment
  • After hours feedback via email or Whatsapp
  • Exclusive English resources
  • ‘How to write essay’/craft of writing help
What I cover

  • T.S Eliot poetry
  • Textual conversations
  • Texts and human experiences
  • Creative writing
  • William Shakespeare
  • Critical study of literature
  • Close study of literature
  • Language, identity and culture
  • English Extension


HSC English Tutor Sydney


Boldtutor, your HSC English Tutor Service in Sydney


If you need insightful tutoring which delivers results, Boldtutor, your HSC English Tutor in Sydney, can assist, in the ‘write way’. HSC English Tutors understand that stress is inevitable in today’s increasingly pressurised educational environment. High school work and Year 12 HSC courses are likely to increase stress levels for high school students. Dealing with more challenging content in these circumstances all amounts to increased pressure, and with University on the horizon, that pressure only increases. So, it’s crucial that children and teenagers do well in their classes and through their education, continuously. Hiring Boldtutor as your high school or HSC English tutor offers exclusive resources and dedicated guidance to help you understand.

How the Education Landscape is Changing

Life for both primary and high school kids these days is far more complicated than we can remember. Added pressure for results and increased input from various new channels mean that children and teens already live in a complex environment.

  • Not all students learn at the same rate or with the same approach. Large classrooms are rarely able to provide the focus to deliver on every student’s specific needs consistently.
  • It may be that your child or teenager is experiencing an inability to stay completely engaged in the classroom. Classrooms are full of distractions and interruptions, and this is common. If we consider the noise from other students, their cell phones, loud noises in the hallways, and any other random occurrence which pulls the mind away from studies, there’s a significant concentration challenge.
  • It’s easy to struggle and fall behind and getting back from this slump would be twice as difficult with the learning that comes next. We need to understand the context of the educational world your child or teenager finds themselves in, with methods that teach what’s important.
  • Students can be educated based on their needs. Sometimes, a student only needs things re-interpreted to make sense for them to make everything click together.
The Changing Classroom Psychology

We cannot necessarily blame the changing environment on the teacher or the school. A classroom is a far greater audience to manage with many more students, much less personal attention for individual students, and distractions everywhere.

  • Sometimes, just being in a class full of students can make students apprehensive about being wrong. Being wrong or perceived as incorrect can be an intimidating feeling for students, encouraging withdrawal from the class and teaching alike.
  • Getting the wrong answer can be scary and frustrating, and frustration can lead to an unwillingness to move forward in their studies or giving up.
What Sets Boldtutor Apart in Helping Bridge the Educational Gap?

How can your child or teenager get the extra help they need when their schools just aren’t cutting it and home-schooling isn’t an alternative?

  • In this critical time, they’re preparing themselves for their next big step – University, where careful consideration is required regarding selecting a potential tutor.
  • A tutor might be the only difference between your children excelling in challenging classes or struggling and falling behind. Both Primary and High school are far more demanding than they ever were for us, and sometimes extra support is needed.
  • Tutoring provides focus and personalisation as tutors teach one-on-one with far less room for distraction.
  • I offer tutoring intimacy, personal measurement and teaching of the student focussing on specific needs and learning styles that teachers in full classrooms don’t have time or resources for.
What You Can Expect From Boldtutor as Your HSC English Tutor

  • Boldtutor offers a one-on-one tutoring service at the location of our client’s choice anywhere in Sydney.
  • Tailor-made programs are catered to client needs, whether they need help with essay or creative writing or anything else their school requires.
  • Assessment help at the University level helps all clients attain a passing grade at least, and clients sticking with Boldtutor’s service can expect significantly improved results, with the majority of those applying themselves getting 80% or higher in exams or assignments. We provide competitively priced Zoom or Skype sessions and wholesale bargains for online lessons at $40 per hour.

Students won’t require a tutor forever, but the skills they learn regarding their learning styles and how they should ideally study to best suit their requirements can assist them throughout their academic life. One of the primary benefits of tutoring is that it helps students to be better learners, not just better at that one specific topic. Using Boldtutor’s private tutoring services, students can go much further to acing a challenging period of their high school journey.

For personal, tailor-made training, whatever your educational requirements might be – why not take the bold step forward, and contact me?


Snapshots of success

Feel free to browse some samples of the great results acquired by year 12 HSC English clients using my Boldtutor English tutoring services. Book me as your English HSC tutor today.

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