HSC English

Foremost, the English Advanced, English Standard and English Extension syllabus requires complete dedication from HSC students.

This is because the year 12 HSC course demands students to study and be assessed on their understanding of complex literature from composers such as T.S Eliot and William Shakespeare.

In addition, students are tasked to write an essay to complex questions, develop multimodal presentations, speeches and produce strong craft of writing material.

Lastly, year 12 HSC students face increased stress as they strive for a high ATAR when completing the final two challenges: the HSC trials and HSC English exam.

Thus, using my private tutor services, students can go a long way to acing a challenging but ultimately rewarding period of their high school journey.

Furthermore, booking with Boldtutor also helps me support a great cause – Four Paws Animal Welfare charity.

How Boldtutor can help

I understand that even year 12 students still wonder how to write an essay among other things. That is why I offer…

  • Private tutor starting from 90 minute sessions
  • English tutoring at your desired location and online tutoring
  • Assignment help
  • No lock-in school term payment
  • After hours feedback via email or Whatsapp
  • Exclusive English resources
  • ‘How to write essay’/craft of writing help
What I cover

  • T.S Eliot poetry
  • Textual conversations
  • Texts and human experiences
  • Creative writing
  • William Shakespeare
  • Critical study of literature
  • Close study of literature
  • Language, identity and culture
  • English Extension
Snapshots of success

Feel free to browse some samples of the great results acquired by year 12 HSC English clients using my Boldtutor English tutoring services. Book me as your English HSC tutor today.

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