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Want to learn the English language? In this page, you will understand why Boldtutor provides the best Sydney English tutor.

Most importantly, no matter what your speaking level or background, Boldtutor’s service will help you to: speak English, write English and read English.

Firstly, Boldtutor offers 1 hour sessions or longer. Moreover, your private tutor will help you learn english at the location of your choice.

Furthermore, I will provide ‘writing in english’, ‘speaking in english’ and ‘reading english’ tasks and resources.

Conclusively, with enough dedication and practice, your English speaking, reading and writing will improve in no time.

Furthermore, booking with Boldtutor also helps me support a great cause – Four Paws Animal Welfare charity.

If you wish to improve english, start learning English today.

What we offer

Write English

Essentially, I will teach you how to write in english by helping you with tasks such as writing letters, writing articles and writing resumes. Most importantly, these are great tasks to learn if you wish to succeed in an english speaking setting.

Bilingual tutor

I speak Spanish. Therefore, I can better help clients with Spanish as their first language.

Speak English

Basically, I will help you speak english by providing tasks aimed at improving everyday speech and conversation. For instance, you will learn how to ask for directions, introduce yourself and learn other conversations within specific contexts.

Read English

Above all, reading english demands practice and practice. Therefore, with me as your tutor, you will learn english by reading letters, pamphlets, poetry and other texts suited to your level. After that, learning english will be a piece of cake.

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Why learn english with Boldtutor?

Principally, English is the most important language in the world. Firstly, I will provide english lessons relevant to your level of english. This is because learning English can be a challenging process.

However, with me as your private tutor, you learn at your pace. Therefore, I will adapt to suit your style of learning.

Most importantly, whether it’s speaking in english, reading english or writing in english, I possess the resources required to help you learn the english language.

If you have any other concerns, please contact us