Modern History

modern history

Basically, the Modern History HSC syllabus can be difficult to grasp given the source analysis and history essay topics students have to study.

However, if you hire me as your private tutor, students will get the help they need to ace the Modern History syllabus and Modern History exam.

Overall, just scroll down to our samples of success gallery on the homepage to see the results we can help you achieve to master the Modern History syllabus.

Power and Authority 1919-41

Initially, studying dictatorships, World War I or the Nazis can be difficult. Thankfully, as your private tutor, I will provide the resources you need to ace part 1 of the Modern History exam.
National Studies

To begin with, studying the modern history of nations like Australia, China or Japan and the USA can be hard. Nonetheless, my private tutor service will help you understand the ideas and information vital to succeeding in part 2 of the Modern History exam.
Peace and Conflict/Change in Modern World

Primarily, the final two sections of the exam contain one extended essay response and a question with three parts for you to answer. Hence, my private tutor service will offer great resources and guidance to keep your writing and analysis sharp. Thus, Boldtutor’s exclusive resources ensures that you receive the support required to help you ace the final part of the syllabus.

Topics Covered

Here are just some of the history topics that I have covered with students:

  • The Cold War
  • Nazi Germany
  • Weimar Republic
  • WW2 & WW1
  • Peace and Conflict in Modern World
  • The Nuclear Age
  • Indochina
  • Civil Rights USA
  • The Modern World and Australia
  • More…
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Why study History with BoldTutor?

Firstly, student comprehension of various historical topics continues to be the main concern that students need addressed when studying the syllabus.

Secondly, essay writing and source analysis are also high on the list of concerns that students face.

However, with detailed one-on-one guidance, I guarantee that these concerns will become a thing of the past. Overall, with enough dedication you will succeed.

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