Society and Culture

Society and cultural texts

Firstly, Society and Culture is a senior HSC subject requiring plenty of high quality research and writing.

Consequently, you will need the best private tutor to help you master this course and that is where I am come in. Therefore, Boldtutor will help you with the following:

  • Understand the Society and Culture syllabus
  • Personal Interest Project
  • Society and Culture exam

Initially, students struggle to find a private tutor in Sydney for Society and Culture. This is because there are a limited amount of students studying the course.

However, as your private tutor, I will offer the dedication, exclusive resources and guidance required to help you complete the Society and Culture pip and master the Society and Culture syllabus.

Furthermore, booking with Boldtutor also helps us support a great cause – Four Paws Animal Welfare charity.

Our Prices

PIP feedback

$ 25-200

$25 per 1000 words
  • Feedback via email
  • Exclusive PIP template
  • Complete feedback in 1 or 2 days

90 minute session - private tutor

$ 110+

No lock-in term payment
  • Private tutor
  • Your desired location in Sydney
  • Help with PIP
  • Exclusive PIP resources
  • Assignment help
  • Rates vary according to location

2 hour session - private tutorBest value

$ 140+

No lock-in term payment
  • Private tutor
  • Your desired location in Sydney
  • PIP help
  • Exclusive PIP resources
  • Assignment help
  • After hours feedback
  • Rates vary according to location

Our Services

In the beginning, the PIP can be a demanding project requiring plenty of research and writing. Nevertheless, as your private tutor, I will help you complete a  PIP you can be proud of.
Social Theory

Specifically, you will learn theories like Marxism, Feminism or Buddhism and Christianity. Hence, Boldtutor’s exclusive resources and guidance will help you with any concerns you have in understanding the social theory present in the S&C syllabus.
Research methodologies

Initially, starting a PIP will be difficult without the right approach. with this in mind, as your private tutor, I will help you with case studies and focus groups. Consequently, this will allow you to determine which approach is the right one for you.
Depth studies

As your private tutor, I will help you understand course concepts, language and analysis of whichever social and cultural group you may be studying for the HSC.

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Why BoldTutor?

The PIP is one of the most rewarding yet challenging pieces of work that students will develop in high school.

With most PIP’s well over 3000 words, I find that students struggle to get started on a project that requires a large amount of research and writing.

As a result, the PIP is the biggest concern that students need addressed when studying the subject.

Boldtutor is well equipped to help you deal with this stress given that as a private, I have helped clients develop their own successful PIP’s.

Rest assured that Boldtutor will provide you with the guidance and resources you need to get on top of a course that may just change the way you see the world.